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LLM Question of the Day for 9-4-2011, and, Super Bible Facts for Super Bible Study, part 5 of 10

First the Question: The Apostle Paul did NOT work under the authority of the Apostle Peter with his keys. But contrariwise. Galatians 2:7. True or False?

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And now the answer to the LLM Question of 9-2-2011

Question: There is no scriptural record of signs nor suggestions the Jews first...after the close of Acts. True or False?

Answer: TRUE! You all did better on this question. out of the 714 responses we received, only 77.8% of you got it right! That's better! Therefore,

Today let us consider, Super Bible Facts for Super Bible Study, part 5 of 10

Once again, before we get to the TEN Super Bible Facts for Super Bible Study contained in this message, here are the FIVE different groups or classes of people who are addressed from the first chapter of Matthew to the last chapter of Revelation:

1) To unsaved Israelites who were under the Law.

2) To saved Israelites who were under the Law before they became members of the Body of Christ.

3) To unsaved Gentiles who were aliens from the Commonwealth of Israel, and not under the Law.

4) To carnal saints and babes who were members of the Body of Christ.

5) To those who were of full age, called “the faithful in Christ Jesus.”

Remember, for an in-depth explanation of these five different groups I urge you to read “Super bible Facts for Super Bible Study, part 1”. Keep these five different groups in mind, and you will derive both blessing and benefit as you carefully study this third set of 10 Super-Facts.

Ok, here we go:

1) After the Holy Spirit separated Saul (Acts 13:2) he became the apostle to the Gentiles (Romans 11:13 and Ro­mans 15:16), Paul. And then God's order was “to the Jew first” and “also to the Gentiles.” Romans 1:16, Acts 13:46, Acts 18:5-6. Even in Rome, about 27 years after the death of Christ, Paul addressed the Jews first. Acts 28:15-28.

2) After the casting away of Israel into darkness, (Acts 28:25-28, Romans 11:8, Romans 11:11, and Romans 11:25), God's order was “to the Gentiles and also to the Jews.” Note Ephesians 2:17, “to you afar off” and “to them nigh.” There is no scriptural record of signs nor suggestion of any order “to the Jews first” after the close of Acts.

3) Compare Matthew 15:26 with Romans 10:12, “But He answered and said, It is not meet to take the children's bread, and cast it to dogs.” (The woman was a Greek.) Mark 7:26 Matthew 15:26, and, “For there is no difference between the Jew and the Greek; for the same Lord over all is rich unto all that call upon Him.” Romans 10:12. Note also that the Lord called the Israelites “serpents” in Matthew 23:33 and after His prayer on the cross for their pardon they were addressed as “children.” Acts 3:25.

4) Do not fail to see the great significance and the radical change sugg­ested in Romans 11:15, that the falling away of Israel meant the reconciling of the Gentiles. This is one of the most significant statements in the Bible. Linked with the Doctrine of Reconciliation are the Doctrines of the New Creation and Identification. When Israel was cast away, the Ministry of Reconciliation was sent to Gentiles. The “Reconciliation” ministry is linked with the believer's identification with Christ and the new creation in 2 Cor. 5:13-21. About the same time this Epistle was written, Romans was written. In Ro­mans 5:11 the word “Atonement” should be “Reconciliation.” This is followed by a statement concerning “Adam.” The Jews came from Abraham. The whole human race came from Adam. Hence Colossians 1:20-21. Reconciliation for all (believers). In Romans, chapter six, follows the “new creation” and “identification,” after “reconciliation,” in chapter five. This ministry was never mentioned by Israel's prophets.

5) More than 85% of the facts recorded in the Gospel of John: are not found in Matthew, Mark, and Luke, generally called the “Synoptic Gospels.” There are sixteen solid chapters of facts in John, not one of which is mentioned in Matthew, Mark, and Luke. Seven miracles of Christ are recorded in John before the death of Christ. Five of them are found in “John” only. In John the message of Grace is presented, and there we find a man blind from birth, impotent, unregenerated, and dead, suggested by the four miracles found only in John.

6) According to most authorities, Matthew was written before 40 A.D., before Cornelius was converted; whereas John was written about 95 A.D., nearly 20 years after the Apostle Paul died: therefore, after the saints were thoroughly indoctrinated with the Pauline “Grace” message. In the very first chapter of John we see Christ rejected and Grace and Truth coming by Him (John 1:10-18), although the Reign of Grace UNMIXED did not begin until Saul became Paul. The Reign of Grace UNMIXED certainly did not begin with Peter and the Eleven on the day of Pentecost.

7) Unlike Matthew, Mark, and Luke, many of the statements of John were not what Jesus Christ or His disciples said while He was on earth, but what the Holy Spirit led John to write many years after Christ had gone back to heaven. The Grace messages of Salvation in John are on the grounds of John 1:29, the blood of the Lamb of God. So here is an interesting question....Was John 3:16 said while Christ was on earth or given to John by the Holy Spirit to write years later?

8) Note carefully Matthew 16:20, “Then charged He (Christ) His disciples that they should tell no man that He was Jesus the Christ.” Here we should observe a turning-point in the ministry of the LORD Jesus Who had tried in every way to. convince Israel that He was Christ, or Messiah. Now the Twelve were no longer to give out this to testimony to Israel. And then another turning point came after Christ's prayer on the cross for Israel's forgiveness. Then the command of Matthew 16:20 was rescinded, and the Twelve and Paul testified to Israel that Jesus was the Christ. Acts 2:36, Acts 9:22, Acts 17:3, Acts 18:5-6.

9) In Luke 21:24-33 we have the record of the coming of the Son of man to save Israel. In these verses we find Israel in the throws of the Great Tribulation. In saying, “lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh,” the LORD Jesus was speaking to Israel. If this is a message to the Body of Christ, then the Body of Christ is headed for the Great Tribulation, which it is NOT! The Great Tribulation was included in prophecy. But no prophet spoke of The Mystery of 1 Corinthians 15:51, the change, “in a moment in the twinkling of an eye.”

10) Compare Luke 2:14 with Luke 12:48-52, “peace on earth”, and, “no peace on earth.” In Luke 1:28-33 we learn that Christ was born to reign on David's throne over the house of Israel; to deliver Israel from Gentile domination (Luke 1:67-77). The “peace on earth” of Luke 2:14 would prevail, IF and WHEN Christ should go to David's throne in fulfillment of Isaiah 9:6-7. BUT Luke 12:50 spoke of His death on the cross as His Baptism. Because of that “DEATH” Baptism there is peace with God for individual believers. Romans 5:1, Colossians 1:20. The “peace on earth” of Luke 2:14 has been POSTPONED until Christ as King returns to occupy David's throne.

More Super Bible Facts for Super Bible Study coming up quick!

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” Acts 16:31, while there is still time!

So There You Have it!

Spread this message to everyone you know, far and wide. The time is short

Grace be to you and peace, from God: our Father, and The LORD Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ,
The Lion and Lamb Ministry

Pastor David Picos, D.D.
Minister and Ambassador for Christ in the Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-20)

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