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LLM Question of the Day, and, THE GOSPEL OF JOHN....THE GOSPEL OF CHRIST, pt. 13 of 24

First the Question: Acts 3:25 says..."Ye are the children of the covenant". Should this be preached to Gentiles? Yes or No?

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When the LORD of Glory was crucified (1 Corinthians 2:8), not only was the saying of Jesus in John 12:27-33 and John 3:14 fulfilled, but Psalm 22:1-18 was fulfilled as well.

This Psalm, Psalm 22, begins with the very words Christ cried unto His Father when He was dying on the cross, “My God, My God, why hast Thou forsaken Me?” Then note Psalm 22:16, “they pierced My hands and My feet.”

When Saul of Tarsus was saved near Damascus there was a ‘pattern’ fulfillment (1 Timothy 1:16) of Zechariah 12:10, “they shall look upon Me Whom they have pierced, and shall mourn for Him.” A future fulfillment of this is mentioned in Revelation 1:7, “Behold He cometh with the clouds: and every eye shall see Him, and they which pierced Him, and all kindreds of the earth shall wail because of Him.”

In the last few minutes of Christ on the cross we read, in John 19:28, “Jesus knowing that all things were now accomplished, that the Scriptures might be fulfilled (Psalm 69:21), saith, I thirst.” Then note Psalm 69:34-37, “one of the soldiers pierced His side; these things were done, that the Scripture should be fulfilled; “A bone of Him shall not be broken; And again another Scripture saith, They shall look on Him Whom they pierced.”

From Christ’s birth of the virgin Mary in a borrowed bed in Bethlehem to His burial in a borrowed sepulcher (the tomb of Joseph), the events in the birth, life, rejection, death and resurrection of the LORD Jesus were “that the Scriptures might be fulfilled.” Christ said, in Matthew 26:24, “The Son of man goeth, as it is written of Him.”

In Romans 11:25-26 we read that He will return for Israel’s redemption, “as it is written.” So concerning the first advent of the LORD Jesus and the truth that His own (Israel) received Him not, we read in Acts 13:29-30, “when they had fulfilled all that was written of Him, they took Him down from the tree, and laid Him in a sepulchre….But God raised Him from the dead.”

Hear the record concerning Israel, in John 12:37-38, “Though He (Christ) had done so many miracles before them, YET THEY BELIEVED NOT ON HIM; that the saying of Isaiah the prophet might be fulfilled, Lord, who hath believed our report?”

How sad to know that today, after more than 2000 years, the majority of the members of so-called Christian churches do NOT believe the full report concerning the Eternal, Omnipotent, Divine, sinless Christ, Who appeared ONCE in the end of the ages to put away sin by the sacrifice of Himself. (Hebrews 9:26). The RISEN Christ is still saying, “O fools and slow of heart to believe all that the prophets have spoken.” (Luke 24:25).

There are many religious church members who give mental assent to some of the glorious truths concerning the LORD Jesus, while they seem to be apathetically indifferent as to genuine soul devotion and devoid of an intelligent, spiritual, testimony concerning His eternal Deity. Many church members are suffering with dead orthodoxy. Remember the words of the Son of God, in John 12:26, “if any man serve Me, him will My Father honor”.

“Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be saved” Acts 16:31, while there is still time!

So There You Have it!

Spread this message to everyone you know, far and wide. The time is short

Grace be to you and peace, from God: our Father, and The LORD Jesus Christ.

In The LORD Jesus Christ,
The Lion and Lamb Ministry

Pastor David Picos, D.D.
Minister and Ambassador for Christ in the Ministry of Reconciliation (2 Cor. 5:18-20)

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