Friday, April 26, 2013

THIS IS THAT Which was Spoken, part 2 - Pastor David

Should the Child of God today preach what Peter and the Eleven preached to Israel on the day of Pentecost, or even what Peter preached EIGHT YEARS LATER to Cornelius? NO! Should the messenger of the Gospel of the Grace of God be preaching, with the approval of God...that is the key...Repent and be baptized FOR the remission of sins? NO! Should Christian Pastors, and Preachers, be preaching to individual Gentiles today what Peter preached to the Nation Israel in Acts 3:19-26? NO! Read this message here:

Book of Hebrews: Argument IN FAVOUR of the Apostle Paul Authorship of the Book of Hebrews

. The Arguments IN FAVOUR of the Pauline Authorship of Hebrews are much more weighty than those in favour of all other candidates p...