The LLM Question for 4-7-2013 - Pastor David

It has become common knowledge that more than ninety-­five per cent of church members permit church leaders to do their thinking for them, and that ninety-five per cent of their instructors have been so influenced by the traditions of church fathers and by denominational church creeds, that fewer than five per cent of either leaders or followers are willing, if able, to study the Bible with un­biased minds and with open and honest hearts. Let us ever bear in mind that no servant of Christ, has any NEW truth to present. Progressive revelation ceased with the close of The Book of Revelation more than 2000 years ago. Since that time, anything that is true is not new, and, anything that is new is not far as the inspired Word of God is concerned.

LLM Question for 4-7-2013: Men and women today are NOT led into truth by the Holy Spirit INDEPENDENT of the written Word of God. True or False? Respond at

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