The LLM Question for 4-28-2013 - Pastor David

In Acts 7:54-58, the LORD Jesus Christ, is seen as the STANDING Son of man. Always make note, that He is NOT the Son of man to the Body of Christ, but in His Kingdom dealings with Israel, and it was the leaders of Israel that Stephen was addressing in Acts 7. So then we must observe that in Acts 7:54-58 Christ was NOT seated in the upper-heavenlies AS HE IS, and as is SEEN, in Ephesians 1:19-22

Now, with that said, here is the LLM Question for 4-28-2013: Stephen saw Christ standing in Heaven, Acts 7:55-56. Was Christ STANDING because He was ready to come back as The King then, at that moment, if the leaders of Israel repented and accepted Him? Yes or No? Respond at . Watch the video for this question here:

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