Bible Study Rules Message Series, Illustration Chart 5 - Pastor David

This Bible Study chart illustrates the philosophical harmony of the messages proclaimed by God's servants through the centuries. For example, the Gospel of the Kingdom, proclaimed by our LORD and the twelve, NATURALLY takes us back to David and the great covenant of the Messianic Kingdom made with him. Similarly, the Gospel of the Circumcision, proclaimed later at Pentecost, NATURALLY takes us back to Abraham and the covenant of circumcision, guaranteeing the blessing of the Gentiles through the seed of Abraham, NOT Abram. Study the rest for yourself until you get to the most blessed message of all, The Mystery. The Mystery, proclaimed by the Apostle Paul and based, NOT on covenants, or prophecies, but based on Gods...own purpose and Grace given us in Christ Jesus BEFORE the world began. 2 Timothy 1:9. Read this message at . View the complete Rules Message Series and Charts at

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