Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Book of Revelation Series, Section 1: The Churches - Pastor David

New VIDEO Message on LionTUBE...The Book of Revelation Series, Section 1: The Churches, . The Book of Revelation Series, Section 1: The Churches, is an examination of the assemblies of Revelation 2 and Revelation 3 , and that in fact they are NOT the Body of Christ. But, that they are in fact future assemblies of Jewish believers that will be HERE, on earth, after The Harpazo, after the Body of Christ has been caught up to meet The LORD in the air. The letters to these assemblies, when read carefully, DIFFER immensely from the Pauline epistles. The Revelation Epistles are addressed to servants and speak of works and judgment, while the Pauline Epistles are addressed to SONS and Daughters and speak of our standing IN Christ, as His Body, by GRACE. And it was to the Apostle PAUL, and NOT to the 12 Apostles, that the Mystery was shown and explained. Therefore, The Ecclesia, The Church of the Dispensation of Grace, is the BODY of Christ, and CANNOT BE Israel, or the Wife, OR The Bride. For we are part of the BrideGROOM. We are IN Christ. This is the MYSTERY that was withheld, and hid IN God, from ALL of the prophets, and revealed to the Apostle Paul. We are even NOW forever connected to the GROOM, IN Christ and He in us.

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