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PreTribulation Rapture, part 7: The Mystery and the Great Tribulation


The Mystery and the Great Tribulation

In Colossians 1:23-26, in writing of his distinctive ministry, the Apostle Paul, to whom Christ had committed a Dispensation,1 Corinthians 9:17, who called himself ‘the prisoner of Jesus Christ’ ‘for you Gentiles’ Ephesians 3:1-4 and Colossians 4:3-4, wrote that the Dispensation committed to him was a ‘deposit’ 2 Timothy 1:12, a Divine Secret, ‘the mystery of God’s will’ Ephesians 1:9; that which completed, or filled‑up, the Word of God; ‘THE MYSTERY, which hath been hid from ages and from generations.’

When God sent blindness upon Israel and set them aside, to remain in that state ‘until the fullness of the Gentiles be come in’ Romans 11:25, and then began a new ‘RECONCILIATION’ movement (Romans 11:15; 2 Cor. 5:16-21; and Romans 5:11), and ushered in a new ‘DISPENSATION’ for the nations, it was not an afterthought with God. It was rather a Divine program which God had ‘PURPOSED’ in Christ, BEFORE the world began. (2 Timothy 1:9; Titus 1:2-3; …

PreTribulation Rapture, part 6: God is Completing the Body of Christ


The “Sign” Gang and The Any-Moment Coming of Christ.

When we intelligently consider the inconsistency of the Pre-Tribulation Pre-Millenarians, who try the impossible, to reconcile their teaching, that the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies in present European and Middle Eastern political affairs proves that Christ’s coming for His Body is very, very near at hand, with their statement that they have always believed in the ‘Imminent’ coming of the LORD for His Body, as have other faithful saints of God down through the Christian centuries, can we not understand why the Post-Tribulationists ridicule what they call their ‘Any‑Moment Theory.’

In one message concerning the coming of Christ, for His Church, “the messengers”, which we will now refer to as the ‘Sign Pre-Tribulation Pre-Millenarians’, will persuade their hearers to believe in the ‘Imminent’ coming of Christ because many outstanding, spiritual, faithful Christians in other generations and centuries looked for the return o…

PreTribulation Rapture, part 5


The Falling Away and Christ’s Coming

Before the close of the first Christian century the Holy Spirit through the Apostle John wrote: “it is the last time; even now are there many antichrists, whereby we may know that it is the last time” 1 John 2:18; “many false prophets are gone out into the world.” 1 John 4:1. There are many false prophets and antichrists in the world today. So have there been in every Christian century since the Apostle Paul and the Apostle John died. The early centuries were pretty dark ones spiritually. How about the years of Martin Luther or the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries in England and Europe? The Children of God during those years had no ‘Bill of Rights’, and many of them were imprisoned and tortured. They did not have a million printing presses and millions of Bibles.

During those centuries the foundational doctrine of ‘Justification By Faith’ was recovered. Then later the truth of the ‘One Body’ and the ‘Blessed Hope’ of Titus 2:13. Now, today, h…

PreTribulation Rapture, part 4 - LLM


When the Lord Jesus Christ comes as ‘the Son of man,’ according to Luke 18:8, He will not find Faith on the earth. Why Not? Because He will not find the Body of Christ here. Christ is not coming to this earth, as the Son of man, to take the members of the Mystery, the Body, to appear with Him in glory. (Colossians 3:1-4). Christ is not ‘the Son of man’ in His relation to the Church, as ‘the Head of the Body.’ He is NOT coming to the earth to Rapture the Church. The Body of Christ is going to meet Him above the earth.

Think about it...If the Christ, should come to the earth for His Body at any moment now, He would find on this earth more Faith, more intelligent Bible‑taught Children of God than ever lived on this earth before!!

However, Christ would also find millions of religious church‑members going religiously to everlasting perdition, and a great multitude of apostate preachers and pastors and seminary professors, who are propagating ‘Christianized agnosticism’ in the name of eva…

PreTribulation Rapture, part 3


There is a great difference between God’s prophesied program, ‘BUILD AGAIN THE TABERNACLE OF DAVID’ Amos 9:11-15, and God’s UN-prophesied ETERNAL PURPOSE ‘BUILD UP THE BODY OF CHRIST.’ Members of the Body of Christ, in this Age, Economy, and Reign of Grace, are to be established according to the Apostle Paul’s gospel, Romans 16:25.

Now...When the Jews started returning and migrating back to the Land, and when Israel as a Nation was reborn in 1948, and captured Jerusalem in 1967, BEFORE Christ’s return for His Body, and because of the chaos in Europe and Asia, Bible teachers and Evangelists, who were formerly Pre-Tribulationists became Post-Tribulationists. Therefore, they stopped believing in the imminent coming of Christ, for His Body, the Church; but on the contrary they began to ridicule those who teach what they call, ‘the any‑moment theory.’ With them, it’s the GREAT TRIBULATION that is imminent, not the RAPTURE, or Harpazo, of the Body of Christ.

What these numerous so called …

PreTribulation Rapture, part 2


NOW…let’s look at4 Great Events

Pre-Tribulationists, in past years, like 100 years ago, taught that before there will be world peace and universal righteousness, there must be four great events, AND, in the following order: 1) The Rapture of the Church; 2) The Jews return to the Holy Land IN Unbelief; 3) The Coming of The LORD Jesus Christ, as the Son of Man to be King and Judge; and 4) The imprisonment of Satan in the bottomless pit. Revelation 20:1-3.

Now, this is important…Certainly every minister of Christ, should be a faithful steward of the Mysteries of God, 1 Corinthians 4:1-4, and as such, should so rightly divide the Word of Truth as to know the difference between God’s present program, the making of ‘THE ONE NEW MAN’ of Ephesians 2:15, and God’s NEXT program bringing forth ‘THE NEW ISRAEL’ of Isaiah 62:1-4.

‘THE ONE NEW MAN’ is the ‘Body of Christ, the MYSTERY,’ which was PURPOSED in Christ before the foundation of the world. Ephesians 3:11 and Ephesians 3:9. Chosen in Chris…

PreTribulation Rapture, part 1 - LLM


If we really believe that the prophesied spiritual‑political Kingdom of Heaven has been postponed and that the clock of prophecy really stopped with the fall of Israel, after the Apostle Paul’s warning in Acts 13:40-41 and the great turn of Acts 13:46, let us be sure that the Lord will have the Church of the Mystery (unprophesied) safe, and in Heaven, before the awful time described in Luke 21:25-33; Matthew 24; and Revelation 6-13. Surely the ‘MYSTERY’ should convince any spiritual, intelligent student of the Scriptures that members of the Body of Christ, will NOT be here on earth during the prophesied period called ‘the Great Tribulation.’

If you have been saved by God’s infinite, marvelous abounding Grace and Faith in the precious shed blood of The LORD Jesus Christ, then of course you should know that you have been baptized by a Divine baptism into the Body of Christ, and you should also know that members of Christ’s Body are going to appear with Him in glory (Colossians 3:1-4)…

Will the Church, the Body of Christ, be in The Great Tribulation?

Here at the Lion and Lamb ministry, we believe the experience of Lot and the destruction of Sodom will give us light on this question: Will the Church be in the Tribulation?.

“But the same day that Lot went out of Sodom it rained fire and brimstone from heaven, and destroyed them all. Even thus shall it be in the day when the Son of man is revealed.” Luke 17:29-30.

“Thus shall it be when the Son of man is revealed.” “Thus”…“Thus shall it be.” The revelation of the Son of man refers here to His coming in judgment. According to the Word of God the Nation Israel is headed for judgment, the Great Tribulation. Jeremiah 30:5-11. Israel is going to be saved out of that time of sorrow. At the same time the wrath of the LORD will fall in great judgment upon the nations.

Christ is NOT called the “Son of man” in His relation to the Church, which is His Body. However, He IS the “Son of man” to Israel and as judge of the nation. It is as the “Son of man” that He is coming to deliver Israel. It is…